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Leverage our expansive global network to access top-tier candidates tailored specifically for your needs.


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Transform your recruitment with our global network

Leveraging our expansive global network, we present you with a curated selection of top-tier candidates that align with your specific needs.

Our services extend beyond recruitment to cover all the intricacies of legal requirements and immigration processes. Count on us to facilitate a smooth onboarding experience, ensuring your new hires are not just technically proficient but also fully compliant and culturally integrated.


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We guarantee a recruitment process that is both efficient and inspiring. With our foundational roots in Dublin and extensive network across Europe, we combine a unique continental approach into professional talent sourcing.

We go beyond mere role-filling; we curate portfolios of exceptional talent through a methodology that combines the resilience derived from our Irish origins with a nuanced understanding of European markets.

Area of expertise

Professionals with expertise in solar, wind, hydro, and other forms of renewable energy.

Renewable Energy

Professionals with expertise in solar, wind, hydro, and other forms of renewable energy, given the rising trend towards sustainability in Europe.

Construction Project Management

Professionals who can efficiently lead and manage large-scale construction projects.

Green Building Practices

Experts in sustainable construction methods, in line with the global trend towards reducing the carbon footprint of buildings.

Mining Engineering

Engineers who specialize in the exploration, extraction, and processing of minerals, an industry where Europe has a rich history and future potential.

Geotechnical Engineering

Specialists who ensure the stability of structures built on or in the ground, particularly important in mining and certain types of construction.

Energy Efficiency

Experts in improving energy efficiency in buildings and industrial processes, which is a growing focus in Europe.

Oil and Gas

Professionals in the extraction, refinement, and distribution of oil and gas, as Europe has a significant industry in these areas.

Offshore Construction and Mining

Individuals with expertise in managing and executing projects in offshore environments, an area of significant relevance given Europe’s extensive coastline and offshore energy production.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Specialists who can evaluate the potential environmental impact of energy, construction, and mining projects. With growing environmental regulations and public concern over environmental health, this is an increasingly important field.

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